March 16, 2021 4 Mistakes you should avoid when Wearing Men Watches

4 Mistakes you should avoid when Wearing Men Watches

Just like Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion also holds importance. Watches are among the crucial accessories of men. Watches add elegance to the outfit. Most men consider it a sin if they forget to wear the watch. They believe that watches show economic well-being. According to men, wearing watches enhances their personality. Watches and shoes are indispensable stuff for their appearance.

If a man belongs to a higher status, he wears better-looking and good quality watches.

In this article, I discuss the common mistakes made by men wearing watches.

Men’s watches Mistakes

1. Appropriate Occasion

Watches are made to an assortment of models and materials for a specific reason. Rubber watches are made for outdoor or sports as they do not absorb sweat and cause a smell to the watch. Other material watches like steel are not suitable for sports activities.

 When getting a watch, men should focus on strap material. They should know which material and model is fine for a specific occasion.

  • Rubber material watches are appropriate for hefty exercises, and they are easygoing and comfortable. The material is malleable and does not assimilate sweat.
  • Canvas material watches are reasonable for casual occasions. Nylon materials are also like canvas, and they are also convenient for casual occasions.
  • Leather material watches look decent in every formal function. They fit perfectly in every condition in a proper manner.
  • Steel material watches are totally for formal occasions. They show extravagance.  These types of watches are not for sports or any other outdoor activity. Steel is less adaptable than rubber material watches. The chances of injury are higher in steel material watches. It is why people prefer rubber watches in sports and outdoor activities over steel watches.

2. Combination of too many accessories

Just like an overdressed person, excessive use of accessories also looks weird. If you are wearing a watch in one hand, along with other embellishments, that doesn’t look nice. A significant mark of concern is the amount. One watch or a bracelet is alright but no more than that.

3. Excessively loose

    There is a difference between watches and bracelets. Bracelets can be loose, but a watch has to fit on your wrist. It shouldn’t be too right but not too tight or too loose. If you don’t feel alright wearing a watch, that means there’s a problem with it. If it’s too loose or too tight, fix it.

4. Size of the watch

Another factor that matters is the size of the watch. People with small wrist should wear small head watches. People who have big wrist should wear big head watches. If the size is bigger or smaller than your wrist, no matter how expensive or elegant your watch is, it won’t look nice or presentable.

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