March 6, 2021 Watch Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Watch Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Having an expensive and trendy watch is not less than the blessing of this time. But this blessing can become a curse if a watch owner does not take care of maintenance and cleaning of the watch periodically. If the watch owner is good at maintenance and cleaning, the durability of his watch will be longer. But if he is not, he can lose the actual life of a fabulous watch.

The watch may be either a beautiful wall hanging or a piece of luxurious accessory on your wrist. Proper cleaning and time-to-time maintenance are necessary for the long life of both of them.  

Here we are disclosing some secret tips that why the maintenance of a watch is so important. 

Why Watch Maintenance is important

The most important responsibility, after purchasing the watch for the lounge wall or your wrist, is going through the tips to keep them away from dust. 

Dust in the air can become the reason for the ugliness of wall hanging watch. It can occupy a permanent residence in the watch if it is not properly maintained. 

The same case is with your wristwatch. During working hours, sweating skin is the main problem for everyone. This sweating along with the dust can become part of your precious watch. If you as a watch owner, want to avoid the ugliness of your watch, take care of its maintenance at the end of the day. 

The ugly watch is the best breeding place for bacteria and viruses that can cause skin infections like allergy, itching, and much more. Cleaning each accessory like the watch is necessary to keep your skin healthy and bacteria-free. The microorganism that can inhibit on the surface of the watch are as follows

1. Streptococcus aureus 

2. Yeast type fungus

3. Mold fungus

Do not rely on sanitizers or different cosmetic products, you apply them to your skin as antiseptics. Make sure the cleaning your skin with tissue paper after every one hour can protect your watch from dust.

Watch Maintenance 

Maintenance is crucial either for a wall hanging watch or your wristwatch. The tips for maintenance of the watch are the same as for its cleaning. So no need to worry about cleaning and maintenance of the watch as you are reading the article.  

The high-branded watch is your premium investment if you take care of it properly. 

These brands give a small booklet consisting of instructions and the parts of the watch. You should go thoroughly from this to make yourself aware of the importance and maintenance of your watch. 

Top tips for maintaining and cleaning Watches

After reading the importance of a watch, now you have to go through the top tips for maintaining and cleaning the watches.

1. Cleaning the Watch Face

Watch face is usually made up of crystal or glass whose shine is very important. Except for few old models, you can clean the glass face of every watch to restore its shine. Most of the watch surface is cleaned by the use of nylon cloth and light warm soap water. Some of the expensive watches are too sensitive to water, so simply a chamois cloth can clean its surface.

Tips for cleaning watch face

1. In the case of the gentle watch, you can use baby wipes instead of chamois clothe.

2. Make sure to use light detergent or soap, you can use a special watch cleaning detergent or lotion. 

3. Take care of handling the watch during the cleaning process.

4. You can use an old toothbrush for proper cleaning of the watch surface.

5. After cleaning, use a lightweight shiner on the surface of the watch, adding more to the shining of it.

2. Cleaning the Watch strap

After removing dirt from the glass surface of the watch. The most important task is to clean the strips of it. The cleaning of strips is critical, totally depends upon the type of material of which the strip is made up of.  

There are three main types of material, used as a strip material:

1. Leather Watch strip

2. Nylon Watch strip

3. Metallic watch strip

The cleaning and handling of the above two types are convenient as compared to the last one. 

The cleaning of the leather watch strap is so easy and done by using a light cloth or wipe along with soapy water. 

Nylon watches are too comfy to handle during cleaning. You can use a plain cloth and detergent or cleaning soap for the removal of dirt from strips.

The most difficult task is cleaning of metal strips watch. For its cleaning, you can use a chamois cloth or wipes and rub them on the strips to remove the dust from it. 

3. Tips for cleaning watch strip 

1. Make use of a hair conditioner to recover the nylon strip shining.

2. Repeat the process of cleaning after every week, mostly on weekends. 

3. Take care of the watch by cleaning it with tissue paper at the end of the day.  

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